Crookwood Mastering Console, Monitor Controller, AD/DA Conversion, Headphone Amp, VU Meter
Chandler Germanium Compressors (Matched Pair)
Thermionic Culture Pullet EQ (Custom Modded)
Chandler TG2 Preamp
Dangerous Music Bax EQ

ATC SCM20A SL Pro monitors with Towersonic ATC TS1-B stands
Sennheiser HD 600 headphones
Etymotic ER4-XR in-ear monitors

Rega RP 6 Turntable (Heavily Modded), AudioTechnica AT-150 MLX Cartridge, Radial J33 Phono Pre

Balanced Mogami cable with gold plated Neutrik connectors used throughout

Carillon AC1 Core 4 Music PC
RME HDSPe AES Interface

Acon Acoustica Premium
iZotope RX Advanced
Sonoris DDP Creator Pro
Hofa DDP Player Maker

Beta testing for Acon, Klanghelm, Tokyo Dawn, Valhalla, and Youlean, other plugins from AirWindows, DMG, Eventide, SIR and Voxengo

Official Apple Digital Masters provider

Hermetech Instgram