• £50 per track, all inclusive. Therefore, a three track EP would cost £150, and a ten track album would cost £500
  • Rush fees: I like to have at least five days for an album project, but if you need something fast, and I have the time in my schedule, the rates are an extra £85 for 48 hour, extra £175 for 24 hour, or extra £250 for same day delivery, on top of the regular fee, and agreed to before starting.
  • Mix consultation and feedback (without mastering) is charged at 50% of the standard rate.
  • A physical Red Book CD or DDPi master disc (on Taiyo Yuden media and error checked) will cost £25, plus shipping.
  • Mastering includes one free revision per track, if required. Further revisions are charged at 50% of the standard rate.
  • I am also happy to accept payment in Bitcoin, US $ or EU € at the current exchange rate. Please use this currency converter to determine your rate.


  • Please do not use any digital brick wall limiting on the output file, and leave at least some headroom for me to work with, peaks around -3dB to -12dB (average level around -18 dBFS RMS/0dB VU) is great. Work in 24 bit from start to finish (32 bit floating point even better), and if you are clipping the main buss, then turn everything down until no more clipping occurs. If it sounds too quiet, turn up your monitor gain to compensate.
  • Please send links to tracks or physical media at the highest quality you have them. I can work with any sample rate and word length, and all the regular file formats (.wav, .aif, .flac, .alac, .mp3 etc.), but working from a higher quality source file will enable higher quality results.
  • Please specify if you have any particular artistic requirements. I am very happy to work with you to achieve the sound you desire.
  • Files will be returned via FTP link as 24 bit 44.1kHz stereo .wav files, unless you specify otherwise. I’d be happy to provide other .wav, .aif, .flac, or .mp3 files in addition to the regular files, just ask. I always upload the returned files with .zip compression, as this shrinks the file size, reducing the download time, and also contains error checking.

Turnaround, Terms & Crediting

  • Depending on the current schedule, turnaround usually varies from a day or two for a single track, to a week for an album.
  • Please make sure that you are 100% happy with your mix before submitting it for mastering. Mix suggestions will be given before I start work, if I feel something needs to be addressed. My rates apply to one particular source file only, so new mixes of the same track will be charged as another track. Please download the link I send within seven days.
  • If your work is released, please credit me as follows:

Mastered by Gregg Janman at Hermetech Mastering  hermetechmastering.com