I believe that word of mouth is the best assurance of quality in mastering.
Here are just a few of the unsolicited testimonials about my work:

“I just listened to your masters in the studio, fucking great thanks!”

Danny Hyde (Coil, Nine Inch Nails, Pop Will Eat Itself, Adamski, Seal)

“I love your work! To my ears at least you seem to bring out the ‘musicality’ or ‘spirit’ of the tracks rather than some technical quality.”

Stephen Blinkhorn, AudioSpillage

“Damn, that is an exceedingly perfect master. Good work, Gregg. Super shiny clean, punchy and warm/bassy all at once. Doesn’t get much better than that!”

Dog Of Tears

“The track sounds beautiful. Masterful indeed, pure craftsmanship. It sounds so warm and transparent on our monitors, we are very happy with your work. It’s like you sculpted a multi-dimensional space for the music to sit in without touching it. I have to say we were both floored by the amount of clarity you somehow introduced. You can feel that you are really listening and not just running it through the ‘standard chain’. Please know that we’re sporting huge smiles over here and that we both look forward to working with you exclusively in the near future.”


“The album unquestionably sounds better after it left Gregg’s hands. I could hear quite a lot of detail in the finished product that I’d never noticed in the arrangements and mixes. His mastering sounds far superior than the other projects I’ve had done with other engineers. Gregg is not only an excellent mastering engineer, but also patient. Highly recommended.”

The Evolutionaries

“Thanks for another excellent job Gregg! I am not going to waste peoples time by trying to explain music with bullshit adjectives. However, I will say how nice it is to have somebody with a love and deep appreciation of electronic music taking care of this important part of the process.”

Audio Resistance

“I have zero regrets over choosing Hermetech Mastering: not only is the mastering quality top-notch, but Gregg is very friendly, efficient and professional in his work. I am thrilled at how he brought my tracks to life without compromising – in fact by enhancing – the dynamics and mix. I have no hesitation in recommending this attentive and quality mastering service, and am sure anyone would be delighted with the results.”

Dave Skipper

“All sounded great on a very decent sound rig. The audience reaction was top notch, and as they say ‘it went off’. Thanks for your help in making a bunch of French hippies dance under the stars. I got many compliments about the sound, and a lot of that is due to your sympathetic mastering.”


“Gregg mastered our double disk album, and we are extremely satisfied customers! Top notch work. We will be going to Hermetech for all of our releases from now on.”

Prometheus Burning

“I had two tracks mastered by Gregg and will be going back for more. He has a subtle touch which is refreshing for me after having previous things slammed and cranked. My tracks have been warmed up nicely. A slight level boost and very minimal corrective EQ.”


“Many thanks for doing such a great job on the OMD remix Gregg. The band loved the remix and it sounds great on the CD Single”


“I’ve just listened to it. It’s great! You’ve certainly brought back the  warmth. It’s amazing how it pulls the song together! The difference is subtle and yet immense. I will certainly spread the word.”

Mass Roman

“Brilliant! Gregg has really teased subtle new colours out of our recordings: aside from things being gently smoothed out and warmed up, it sounds like Layla’s spirit has been projected from the speakers and is singing in front of us! Thoughtful and sympathetic mastering, with great attention to the subtleties and sonic details.”


Client List

Here are just some of the artists, recording studios, labels, developers, software houses, film companies, periodicals and institutions that have benefitted from Hermetech Mastering.