Welcome to Hermetech Mastering

I’m an audio mastering engineer based in Paris, France, with over fifteen¬†years experience in professional audio. The name “Hermetech” is a portmanteau word based on the ancient Greek “Hermes”, the messenger god of science, and “Techne”, which means craft or art. The idea inherent in the name is that mastering is a dynamic synthesis of art and science.

I am very happy to work with any style of music. As a lifelong music lover with wide ranging tastes, and someone who is extremely concerned with high sound quality, I give my utmost attention to detail when mastering your music. I am a full time mastering engineer, (not a regular recording/mixing studio doing mastering work “on the side”), with a space and equipment entirely dedicated to that purpose.

I spend a long time just listening to your music, both before and after processing (I can instantly A/B any two sources to within a quarter dB), to ensure that things really do sound better. To this end, I employ a number of tools such as high quality D/A and A/D conversion, analogue compression and equalisation, and digital limiting. After processing the file it will then be ready for pressing and distribution.

I am an official Apple approved “Mastered for iTunes” provider, and also offer a very high quality vinyl to digital transfer service.

Please feel free to have a browse around the site, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Email: Gregg at Hermetech Mastering